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Welcome to Legend of Hero

Hello, readers! baxil here. Per the results of the latest sharing poll and some personal deliberation, I'm starting to unveil my current NaNoWriMo novel here. I'd like to take advantage of the unique possibilities of the medium, etc., blah blah, so the long story short: I'm going to experiment with serializing it webcomic style. Yay!

My initial plan for updates will be new content every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until it's done. This should be immune to flakiness -- through the end of November, I'll be writing at a faster pace than I post. Even if I finish NaNoWriMo and then stop, that should still provide me with about a three-month run for the serial.

As of today, Nov. 9, I've got 10 chunks ("acts") in 13,000 words, so every post will add roughly 1,000 words of story. I may or may not split up long acts to keep posting length semiconsistent; I'll decide along the way.

Having moved this story to its own journal, I am tentatively planning to post each section in its entirety. If all you want is a link when the new story is out, and don't want to clutter your friends page with 1000-word blocks of text, follow baxil instead.

About the Story
This story is rated PG-13 for language, violence, and (eventually) sexual situations.

For those of you who are familiar with the TTU urban-fantasy shared setting, you will immediately recognize that it's set there -- but it immediately takes a wild left turn and leaves the place behind. Despite this, yes, it is canon. All will be revealed.

Feel free to comment -- on the plot, on the writing, on my posting decisions, on the price of bananas -- below. Beyond that, without further ado ... enjoy. :)


legend of hero
Tales from the Tomorrowlands

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