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Premonitions: Act II

Kevin's next sensation was of dull pain: an ache that crept out from consciousness and explored every inch of his body.

He groaned. "Rosalind?"

She didn't answer. He opened his eyes. He was lying on the floor of an empty tool shed; dim light filtered in through the window.

"Rosalind?" he asked, and got up, muscles screaming in protest.

There was nobody outside in the damp yard. Nobody answered when he knocked at the house; Kevin tried both the front and back doors, finding them locked, before giving up. He limped through the side gate, and found himself on the corner of Center Street, just feet from his accident.

"... What the hell?" he yelled at passing traffic.

Kevin staggered the four blocks back to his house -- everything in his body appeared to be working, but it seemed like he couldn't find an inch of skin without painful bruising -- and rang the doorbell. His mom answered the door, and the color drained out of her face.

"Hey, mom," he said.

She rushed out onto the porch, squeezing him until he winced in pain, and sobbed in joy. "Oh my god. Honey. Are you alright? Where have you been?"

"Ow!" Kevin said, struggling out of her arms. "I'm fine. I think. I got hit by a car. I think."

"Nobody's seen you since six last night. Oh my god. Kevin, sweetie ... You look like a wreck." She called over her shoulder. "Bill? Kevin's back! Get the car keys!"

His parents drove him straight to the hospital. The emergency room doctor pushed, prodded and palpitated every painful point, nodded thoughtfully, and offered his diagnosis: "He sure looks like he got hit by a car, Mrs. MacArthur. But nothing's broken. I'm tempted to call this a miracle ... especially considering the last 24 hours."

"Thank the Lord," Helen MacArthur said.

"The bruising should gradually heal. Keep him in bed for a few days and I'll prescribe Vicodin for the pain."

"What do you mean, considering the last 24 hours?" Kevin asked, but the doctor didn't hear him.

They drove him home, where a police car was waiting. Kevin's parents invited the officer into the living room, spread Kevin out on the couch, and brought in some chairs from the kitchen.

"We're all glad you're home, Kevin," said Officer Thomas. "You were missing for about 22 hours. Your parents filed a missing persons report not long after Trent told them you weren't at his house any more. Can you tell us what happened?"

"Hang on," Kevin protested. "What's this everyone keeps saying about the weirdness of the last day?"

Bill, Helen, and Officer Thomas looked at each other. "Well," Helen ventured, "there was this dragon --"

"Helen," Bill cut her off, "let's not excite the boy. The officer needs his story."

A dragon? Kevin thought. My parents? Talking about a dragon? His heart began to pound. He glanced over at his rack of video games underneath the TV.

"Please go on, Kevin," Officer Thomas prompted.

So Kevin told his story a third time: Being hit by the car, the disorientation, waking up somewhere else, being helped by a stranger, waking up again in the toolshed. But this time, he added in the detail he'd previously left out.

"And can you tell us anything about the person who helped you?" Officer Thomas asked.

Kevin swallowed, throat suddenly dry. "Yes," he said.


"Her name is Rosalind. She's a white mage."

Kevin's parents exchanged a look.

"Can you tell me what she looks like?" Officer Thomas asked.

Kevin got up and turned on his Super Nintendo. He put in Dragon Legend III and loaded an old saved game.

Officer Thomas stared at the screen, one eyebrow arched.

"Her," Kevin said.



"Exactly like that?" Officer Thomas asked.


"The woman that helped you didn't have a nose?"

"Y-- no!" Kevin said. "That's just how they draw them in Japan."

"Your injuries were healed by a person from a video game," Officer Thomas said.

"Yes!" Kevin answered, exasperated.

Officer Thomas deliberated, then scribbled down several lines in his notes. "Have you seen her since then?"

"No," Kevin said. "She was gone when I woke up."

"Did she say anything else to you other than what you've told me?"

"She ... she said she didn't want to break any more rules."

"You realize, Kevin, that's not a whole lot for us to go on."

"I know," he said. "I wish I could tell you more."

Officer Thomas nodded and wrote out more notes.

"You don't believe me," Kevin said.

"Kevin, I believe you saw what you said you saw," Officer Thomas said. "I don't know what to tell you about it. We'll keep an eye out for this Rosalind in case she shows up again, and we'll check the house you described."

"But it's true! I know it sounds weird, but it was her!"

"Even with dragons out there flying around," Officer Thomas said deliberately, "video game characters coming to life is ... well, I don't know if you're going to get a whole lot of people to believe your story."

Kevin's parents looked at each other. "Officer," Kevin's father said gently, "he did get hit pretty hard. You should let us check back in with the doctor before you file your report."

"Dad!" Kevin protested.

Officer Thomas put his pen away and got up, offering a hand for Kevin to shake. "We are glad you're home, son. Let us know if you remember anything else."

Kevin's parents watched the police car pull out of their driveway and drive away.

"No matter what happened," his mom said, "honey, I want you to remember that we still love you."


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