November 4th, 2008

legend of hero

Legend of Hero: Table of Contents

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This is a chronological list of all of the Legend of Hero posts, with a short summary of each chapter.

WARNING: this page will contain spoilers if you haven't read through yet!

1. Premonitions

After a life-altering encounter with a fictional character, Kevin and friends find a doorway to adventure.

Premonitions: Act I
Kevin gets hit by a car and saved by Rosalind, a character from one of his video games.

Premonitions: Act II
Kevin returns home, learns of the world's changes and tells his story.

Premonitions: Act III
Four days later, Kevin and his friends argue about his experiences.

Machinations: Act I The Dark Sphere
"Rosalind," a shapeshifter with a penchant for song, is reprimanded for her actions by the Archon.

(Title Screen)

Premonitions: Act IV
In January, after winter break, Kevin returns to school -- where he is attacked by bullies, saved by Trent, and confronted by David's quasi-girlfriend Crissy.

Machinations: Act II The Dark Sphere
Meanwhile, the Archon, in an unexpected good mood, strikes a deal with the singer.

Premonitions: Act V
Kevin, alone in his room, summons Diune, a being of living shadow from another world.

Premonitions: Act VI
Diune gives Kevin a pendant that opens doors to other worlds and convinces him to aid the Shadowlands.

Premonitions: Act VII
Kevin swears David and Trent to secrecy and they activate Kevin's portal pendant.

Premonitions: Act VIII
Thrilled that the portal proves his experiences were real, Kevin jumps in; his friends follow.

The Wastes: Act I Ghost City
Riselmian, who transformed into a dragon during the Changes, meets a character from one of her favorite TV shows after weeks in a deserted wasteland.

The Wastes: Act II Ghost City
The singer, the new ruler of the Shadowlands, tells Riselmian why she's in the Wastes, and Riselmian swears her allegiance.

2. Incursions

Exploring the Shadowlands for the first time, the heroes quickly realize they're in over their heads.

Hall of Heroes: Act I
Kevin and David discuss the new world they're in as they wait for Trent's arrival.

Hall of Heroes: Act II
Trent discovers how painful passing through the portal is, David discovers that they're surrounded by corpses, and Kevin discovers the fallen Diune's sword.

Hall of Heroes: Act III
The three heroes arm themselves with weapons, meet some unfriendly natives and set off a trap.

Crissy: Act I The Sunlit World
Crissy reluctantly goes to Kevin's house and talks with the Archon, who is disguised as Kevin's absent mother.

Hall of Heroes: Act IV
The heroes fight off an ambush and discover a treasure chest with some high-powered healing potions.

Hall of Heroes: Act V
Armed with potions, David wants to press on deeper, but Trent has misgivings and Kevin decides they should retreat home so he can explain everything.

Hall of Heroes: Act VI
The heroes' journey back to the portal is interrupted by the arrival of a tremendous fish-bull monster.

Hall of Heroes: Warlord Proving Beast Quinotauros
Kevin presses the attack to avenge Diune's death and teamwork kills the mighty beast, but the dying Quinotauros mortally impales Trent and falls on him.

Machinations: Act III The Shadow Palace
Riselmian, back in her human form, gets some weapon training from the Shadow King, in the guise of another of her favorite TV characters.

Machinations: Act IV The Shadow Palace
The Shadow King tells Riselmian that video game characters are appearing in the Shadowlands, and has her demonstrate an attack she finds overly flashy.

Hall of Heroes: Act VII
The boss disintegrates into light, revealing that Trent used a healing potion; overwhelmed by his narrow escape from death, the heroes slink back home.

The Sunlit World: Act I
The heroes realize their weapons don't come back through the portal with them, and Trent reaches the conclusion that they were literally inside a video game.

The Sunlit World: Act II
The heroes discuss the game's dangers and agree not to go back inside.

3. Companions

Through chance, combat and plotting, new alliances are forged.

The Wastes: Act III Hunter's Outpost
A feline therianthrope, Peter, wakes up in an isolated cabin and reflects on the bizarre circumstances that dumped him there.

The Wastes: Act IV Hunter's Outpost
Peter talks with his rescuer, Hope, and confronts the disconnect between his Christian belief and the strange rules of the world in which he finds himself.

The Wastes: Act V Hunter's Outpost
Shortly after Peter falls away from his faith, Hope returns to the cabin to tell him that the Shadow King is dead and they need to get moving for safety.

David: Act I The Sunlit World
David heads home to his family's broken life and resolves that, no matter what he told his friends earlier, he needs to encourage them to return to the Shadowlands.

David: Act II The Sunlit World
David concludes that if the Shadowlands really is a game, he's going to learn magic inside of it -- and then formulates a plot to skip school and sneak into the portal.

([Filler] Gaming Interlude I)
The heroes play a chaotic round of the storytelling game "Baron Munchhausen."

([Filler] Guest story: "Noboarding")
Some mages take extreme sports to a whole new level.

Wandering Merchant Joix: Act I
Peter gets coached on his new identity as Hope leads him through the Shadowlands.

David: Act III Hall of Heroes
David meets Emile, a Dragon Knight from inside their computer game, and his enthusiasm almost immediately gets on her nerves.

David: Act IV Hall of Heroes
Emile discovers that the heroes killed Quinotauros. David discovers that Emile doesn't like having her arm grabbed.

David: Act V Hall of Heroes
Emile wants to depart once she learns that Diune is dead -- but David talks her into staying, and she offers him protection and magic lessons.

David: Act VI Hall of Heroes
While struggling to learn magic, David gets a look at Emile's special attack and has an epiphany.

Wandering Merchant Joix: Act II Hall of Heroes
Joix gets his first look at the Resistance, learns about the "Sunlit Land," and meets Diune.

Wandering Merchant Joix: Act III Hall of Heroes B1
Joix learns the basics of crystalcrafting, and when Hope is summoned away, Diune corners him for a conversation.

The Wastes: Act VI Animal House
A mage named Ron traverses the Wastes and finds an insane coyote theri babbling about a magical virus; they are rescued by the Shadow King.

Crissy: Act II The Sunlit World
At school the next day, Crissy notices David is missing, works on her art and is given a special brush.

Crissy: Act III The Sunlit World
Crissy confronts Kevin over David's disappearance, remembers the card his mother gave her, and looks at it to find a fake telephone number.

Crissy: Act IV The Sunlit World
When Crissy dials the fake number, the Archon visits and offers her a chance to find out what's really going on.

Wandering Merchant Joix: Act IV Hall of Heroes B1
Joix's memories of Diune's conversation, Hope's painful departure and Quinotauros' attack are interrupted by the arrival of David and Emile.

4. Complications

As the heroes learn more about the Shadowlands and regroup, powerful schemers set their plans in motion.

The Sunlit World: Act III
After school, Crissy convinces Kevin to fill her in on their experiences and Trent warns her of the Shadowlands' dangers.

The Sunlit World: Act IV
Kevin and Trent argue about the reality of their experiences, Trent forbids Crissy from entering the portal, David returns, and Trent storms off.

Machinations: Act V The Shadow Palace
Riselmian returns from accompanying David and meets Gavin, the coyote theri Ron had found.

Machinations: Act VI The Shadow Palace
The Shadow King tells Riselmian and Ron to leave Joix alone, and that their plans are shaped by prophecy. Riselmian protests.

Crissy: Act V The Sunlit World
David tries to bring Kevin and Crissy into the Shadowlands, but the portal closes when Crissy is around. She departs frustrated.

Hall of Heroes: Act VIII
David takes Kevin back to the Shadowlands and shows off his new equipment and spell knowledge.

Hall of Heroes: Act IX
Kevin, having trouble unlocking his special abilities, decides that the Shadowlands are a game after discovering Gavin's postcard sidequest.

Trent: Act I The Sunlit World
Trent goes home, calms down, and decides to start his own investigation into the nature of the Shadowlands.

Machinations: Act VII The Shadow Palace
Ron, on his way to the Hall of Heroes, stops by Riselmian's room and they share a few moments of candor.

Machinations: Act VIII The Sunlit World
The singer and the Archon meet again, beginning a game over Crissy's involvement after a sharp dispute regarding each others' motivations.

Hall of Heroes: Act X
David tries to boost Kevin's self-confidence, and their trip to meet Joix is interrupted by the arrival of a winged shadow.

Deliciously Dangerous Swordsman: Act I Hall of Heroes
With David's fire spell ineffective, Kevin must duel Count von Fromage on his own.

Deliciously Dangerous Swordsman: Act II Hall of Heroes
David makes a discovery about their healing potions, and Kevin's epiphany about sword techniques helps him drive off their second boss.

Trent: Act II The Sunlit World
After a chain of phone calls, Trent gets through to theri celebrity Dennis Redwing's office and explains the heroes' situation to an experienced mage.

Trent: Act III The Sunlit World
Elf convinces Trent that Kevin is subconsciously generating the Shadowlands as a way for him to come to terms with his innate magical power. The heroes reunite amid apologies.

Crissy: Act VI The Sunlit World
The Archon unexpectedly teaches Crissy magic -- and belatedly reveals the price of his gift.

To be continued ...