January 29th, 2009

legend of hero

[Filler] Guest story: "Noboarding"

News: Legend of Hero is not updating this week due to social life and work exploding messily into my writing schedule. Sorry! Instead, please enjoy this TTU concept sketch from roaminrob about how magic would impact extreme sports. It's set in The Tomorrowlands Universe (the same setting as the "real" world in Legend of Hero), some unspecified time after The Changes in December 1996, and out here in our world was written after Rob and I climbed Castle Peak in 2007.

Dani and Ben struggled the final thirty vertical feet up the loose, rocky trail. They'd been hiking to the top of the hill for a while. The trail had been long, steep, and way too damned hot.
As they finally made the last steps on to the top of the hill, they immediately forgot all about how sore their legs were, and how sunburnt their bare shoulders were, and how Ben had twisted his ankle an hour ago when a rock rolled out from under his foot. All of those thoughts left their memories with a single awed gasp.

There was a gorgeous, impossibly steep glacial valley stretched out behind their hill. You never would have guessed it by looking at the trail side of the hill. It was hidden entirely from view and the trespasses of all but the most intrepid explorers. They could see for twenty miles in any direction, but -- after they had both finished watching a dragon turning loops in the southern sky -- they were peering over the edge of the rocks on the top of their hill. Their curiosities were met by a yawning void.

Ben briefly considered taking a leak off the edge of the rock, to see how far his piss would fall before it hit anything.

"Man," said Ben. "That hike was totally worth it."

Dani beamed. "Toldja. But you ain't had nothin' yet!"

Dani's fiery red hair lit up even more in the sunshine, and Jay thought it was cute, the way she adjusted her glasses.

Dani could barely contain herself. "OK, so here's whatcha do. You've done basic levitation tricks, right?" Ben nodded. "Cool. So when you're levitating, all you're doing is kind of putting this cushion between you and the ground. Well, now you're gonna do the same thing, but you have to balance yourself on the cushion. Oh! And don't fall. You'll die."

Ben whitened a little bit and began to reconsider what he was about to do.

When Dani had told him about her new "telekinetic sled" that she was playing with, he thought she was crazy. He also thought "noboarding" was a better name.

"P.S.," grinned Dani, "Try to miss the trees."

Ben thought this was definitely a bad idea. A very bad idea.

Dani took a couple of steps back from the cliff, rubbed her hands together, and took a flying leap off the edge. Just as her body began to fall, she reached out with her mind and started levitating off of whatever was under her. Rock, rock, big frickin' rock, snow, more rock ... this was gonna be one of her best rides yet. She was hurtling down the cliff face at a speed that pulled her hair straight out behind her like a comet's tail. It was easily eight hundred feet to the bottom.

Dani shouted over her shoulder, "Last one down has ta pull a dragon's tail!"

Ben wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans, stepped back, and jumped.