Tales from the Tomorrowlands (ttustories) wrote,
Tales from the Tomorrowlands

Title Screen

   Legend of Hero

      >  New Game

Tags: legend of hero

  • Sneak preview: LoH book bonus story #1

    Edited to Add, 5/28: I'm really sorry for my radio silence. BayCon completely ate my brain and I've been playing catch-up since I got home. 'Change…

  • Crissy: Act VI

    Note: Some of the conversation here references the last time Crissy met the Archon. It might be useful to read that as a refresher. The…

  • Trent: Act III

    The Sunlit World " He's doing this?!" Trent's jaw dropped. "That's what I think. The way magic works, it would be odd to find someone…

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