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TTU stories

Tales from an alternate Earth

Tales from the Tomorrowlands
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A journal for stories and webserials set in The Tomorrowlands Universe. The major story here: Legend of Hero, by baxil. Now on permanent hiatus, but more TTU material will continue to be posted as it is written.

Legend of Hero is rated PG-13 for language, violence, and (eventually) sexual situations.

Please feel free to comment -- on the plot, on the writing, on posting decisions, on the price of bananas -- in any of the posts! Anonymous commenting is enabled, but please be courteous and identify yourself when leaving a note.

Legend of Hero

Nothing interesting ever happens in the small town of Pitt Creek. Even when magic suddenly becomes a tangible force -- and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide transform into animals and mythological creatures -- the Changes' closest approach is as dramatic video footage on the 6 o'clock news.

Kevin MacArthur and his friends want to be a part of that -- to have their lives become like one of the video games they love. Instead, what they get is their video games coming to life.

First, a fictional character saves Kevin from a car crash. Then a creature of living shadow offers him a magical pendant, which opens a doorway to a land under siege. Kevin, David and Trent journey to a world of magic weapons, healing potions, boss monsters, and an ambitious ruler with a plan to affect Earth itself. In order to help the Shadowlands, the unexpected heroes must first determine how the games they love fit in to their quest -- and whether the strange world unfolding in front of their eyes is even real.

Legend of Hero is more than just a fantasy story: it's an homage to classic console RPGs, a loving meta-exploration of their tropes, and a journey into the hidden underside of the Tomorrowlands Universe urban fantasy setting. No knowledge of TTU or CRPGs is necessary, but appreciating one or both will heighten your enjoyment of the story.

The Tomorrowlands Universe

TTU is a shared setting for works of fiction. It is a world like ours -- except that the world Changed one day. On December 18, 1996, tens of thousands of Americans watched their televisions in shock as a dragon -- a living, flesh-and-blood dragon -- walked through the background of a small Midwestern station's live news broadcast. As news of the dragon sighting spread, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide discovered they could also turn themselves into mythological creatures, animals, or humanoid beasts ... and practitioners of magic discovered that their arts suddenly had a concrete, physical effect. ((More ...))

Although Legend of Hero is a TTU story, the events that shaped the world are largely in the background. If Earth turning into a fantasy novel sounds more intriguing to you than a couple of kids exploring a living video game, the good news is there are already 50+ TTU short stories waiting for your perusal, as well as my prior online novel, Notes From The End Of The World. :) For an at-a-glance introduction to the chaotic early days of TTU, the Premonitions III author annotations have an excellent round-up of short stories to read. You can also start with other readers' favorite TTU stories.

Getting new updates
Having moved this story to its own journal, I will be posting each section here uncut. Livejournal users can friend me; Legend of Hero also has an RSS feed.

If you're a Livejournal user who wants a link when new episodes are out, rather than cluttering your friends page with 1000-word blocks of text, you can friend baxil instead, where I post regular pointers at the newest story bits. (The tradeoff is that you also get huge blocks of my more random personal content.)

For TTU readers
For those of you who are familiar with the Tomorrowlands Universe urban-fantasy shared setting, you will quickly recognize that it's set there -- but the story immediately takes a wild left turn and leaves the place behind. Despite this and despite TTU's "no universe-hopping" rule, yes, it is TTU canon and there's a logical explanation for everything. All will be revealed.

Legend of Hero is © 2008-2009 Tad "Baxil" Ramspott, made available here for your free noncommercial enjoyment. For reproduction or resale rights, contact Baxil via tomorrowlands.org. For fanfic rights, go right ahead -- we're big supporters. :) Character and journal icons were also made by Baxil. The font in Legend of Hero's menus is codeman38's free "Manaspace."